Cloud Native Architecture

Cloud Native Architecture uses the core cloud principle of on-demand provisioning to build reliable, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective solutions, all with a faster time to market when compared to legacy architectures. The decoupling of architectural components allows continuous improvement and deployment of your product without any downtime.

At Ebeaconsofts, our cloud certified architects can work with your team to either build a cloud native architecture from scratch, or recast your existing application architecture to achieve the target requirements. We can quickly identify areas of improvement in your architecture and propose cloud native elements including pub-sub, streaming, microservices and server-less components.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as code automates processes to provision and maintain infrastructure and applications. A code-based approach makes it easier to get more done in less time and reduces the risk of human errors by minimizing human intervention.

Our engineers can leverage automation tools for cloud-agnostic infrastructure provisioning, configuration and deployment. Thus, reducing the time to market for your products, enabling your teams to easily set up/tear down multiple development environments and optimize operations.

Big Data and Analytics​

In our digitized world, both data and data sources are growing exponentially. We know that data is gold; however, driving business value is not easy for most companies. This challenge arises due to the canonical variability, velocity, and volume of Big Data, or the inability to provision and maintain the infrastructure required to ingest, manipulate, and visualize it.

Our engineering team has the technical expertise to setup infrastructure that can handle petabytes of data from multiple sources on a daily basis. The team is also adept in producing lusciously beautiful dashboards that bring actionable insights for the decisions makers.

Continuous Integration Deployment​

In the agile world of software development, where features need rapid feedback from users, CI/CD setup has become an integral part of any development project. Properly designed, CI/CD systems bridge the gap between development and operational activities by automating the build, test and deploy processes of the applications.

Our DevOps team has wide experience of building next-generation CI/CD pipelines that help development teams achieve blue/green, red/black and canary deployments, making sure new application versions are deployed with zero downtime. We also have experience in integrating data pipelines into a CI/CD system, allowing for rapid and low-touch change process for what has traditionally been a slow and high touch area.

Monitoring & Logging​

Cloud-Native Architectures require an effective monitoring and logging setup, to ensure quick response and root-cause analysis in the complexity of a distributed architecture. A comprehensive and easy to use monitoring and logging infrastructure increases the efficiency of incident response.

Our engineers have set up centralized monitoring and logging systems for both SMB and enterprise scale applications. We can rapidly set up dashboarding and alerting ability to keep your operational teams informed about the state of your system and enabling them to perform rapid RCA, take corrective measures to ensure SLA compliance.

Cost Opimization​

With most cloud resources just a few clicks away, cloud workloads typically have excess resources that negatively affect the bottom line. Managing the cost of your cloud infrastructure is a must for any company deploying its solution in the cloud.

Our certified engineers leverage the best practices of Well-Architected Frameworks (WAFs), and can optimize infrastructure resources. This optimization can involve several approaches: usage adaptive resource utilization, audit of existing resource inventory, and set up of billing thresholds and automated alerts for staying on top of cloud expenses.


Organizations are taking a “cloud first” approach to transform with agility at scale in the public cloud. But, as its name suggests, every new instance of the public cloud has the potential to brew up a security storm.

Our cloud engineers can perform in-depth security analysis of your infrastructure and implement stringent security measures. Hence, minimizing security risks and ensuring data privacy and integrity.

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