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Human Resources​

Managing your employees is typically priority number one. The HR ERP module in your software solution should handle employee management tasks.


Customer Relationship Management(CRM)​

A CRM tool stores and tracks generated customer and lead data, helping you develop helpful insights for sales and marketing improvements.


Business Intelligence (BI)​

The BI component of ERP collects data and performs analysis that can provide actionable insights about business processes.


Supply Chain Management (SCM)​

Your SCM applications should optimize distribution and manufacturing processes to create a more efficient supply chain by collecting real-time data.

Inv. Mng.

Inventory Management​

Inventory Management System main features include managing order fulfillments and maintaining a warehouse’s stocking functions.

Financial Mng.

Accounting/Financial Management​

Accounting tools analyze and track financial data, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, budgets and costs.

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